What Can Drone Do For You?


Many think of drones as just military equipment. I can understand them since drones have been deployed in wars over the years. But man, drones have a number of useful civilian and commercial applications:

Photographers, do you yearn to capture an aerial footage of an important event for personal memento, or share on social media? The only way you can satisfy your quest is to have a drone.

You can snap breathtaking wedding photographs from the sky or have an aerial video of any event. Photographers, be on top of your game. With your portable drone buzzing in the air you can capture the magic of any moment.

Journalism: A journalist without a camera is weird we all know that. What about with a drone mounted with a camera? That will be awesome!

You could use drone to report on disasters like floods, earthquakes, and protests, and any live event. You should go for the best drone for aerial photography of the incidence.

Some drones are manufactured with fittings eg. the DJI Phantom series, that allow journalist to connect them directly to the broadcasting systems to broadcast live aerial footage. Say goodbye to the heavy equipment and the static shots you normally produce.

Agriculture: Farmers you deserve to have an aerial photograph of your farm, don’t you? Stop walking long distances inspecting your crops when you can employ a drone. Drone can inspect a large farmland in a short time saving you a lot of time for other engagement on the farm.

Most importantly, for effective straying of your crops, agricultural drones are second to none. DJI Agras MG-1 is designed for that job. Nowadays with this machine, the decades-long labor-intensive practice of manually spraying the farm is over.

Also, with drones you can detect the differences between healthy and distressed crops that need rapid action to rectify the situation. Check up the drone types. Do you want to keep an eye on your livestock? Of course you do. With a drone, you can better monitor your flock.

Inspections: You are in the energy industry right? You can use drone for inspection and obtain high quality data of your infrastructure such as the wind turbines, the pipe lines, and the high voltage electrical insulators.

Moreover drones can detect any defect on the solar panels on the roof tops. Due to their flight stability in windy conditions and having been equipped with sky zoom camera, nothing can escape detection. Furthermore, now drones are used to inspect airplanes instead of using the big cherry picker. Yes, drones are the future inspectors!

Surveying: You are a surveyor and want to map and survey an area where the topography is dangerous? Do not put the lives of your crew in jeopardy. By means of a drone you can have accurate mapping of the area, the elevations and more.

Real Estate: Real estate agents, for a panoramic view of the properties you want to offer for sale, go for a drone for the best photographs and videos to showcase your listings.

Drone application in the real estate industry is relatively new, but it is gaining momentum, as real estate agents are realizing how valuable and cost-effective way to employ them in their businesses. So hurry, go for one, for the early bird catches the worm so goes the adage. 

The list of benefits and applications of drones is endless, inexhaustible! They can be used in the cinematography, construction, forestry, mining sector, fishing, disaster management, firefighting, you can name them. Why not check the Drone Types and see which will best suit your circumstance.

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