Drone Applications

Drone Applications are Diverse.

Besides military usage, there are a number of commercial drone applications and benefits.

Aerial Photography: Journalists, sport photographers, film makers and hobbyists use this technology to capture spectacular aerial views.

Package Delivery: Light weight products can be delivered to customers by drones at their doorstep. Medicine could be transported to remote areas where they are inaccessible.

Farm produce can be transported to the cities by drones. Companies investigating drone delivery for commercial benefits are Amazon, DHL, etc. 7-Eleven has completed drone delivery test in July 2016. Without a shadow of a doubt drones are the future of package delivery in our era.

Surveillance and Security: Drones are perfectly suited for surveillance and security operations in that they are noise-free as opposed to the deafening noise made by helicopters. Camera fitted drones can capture spectacular footage.

Drones can be employed in coastal and border patrols, monitoring of flood disaster situations. Structural inspections of oil and gas pipelines and many more can be carried out by drones. Also, they can be deployed to monitor public events.

Road, Railway Mapping, and Land Survey are another areas drones can be useful.

Agricultural Purposes: Drones are used to keep an eye on the health of crops and livestock. When they are fitted with infrared cameras and GPS, they can detect the presence of diseases in the incipient stages thereby helping farmers take action before any serious damage is done to their crops. Moreover, drones are effective in crop spraying resulting in a better yield maximizing profits.

Real Estate: Last but not the least, drones are employed by real estate agents to take videos and photos to showcase homes and properties being offered for sale.

In summary, from the hobbyist to the inquisitive journalist, the filmmaker, the farmer, the security agents, I can perceive drones to enhance and make their activities easier than before. Yes DRONES are the future!